The Biggest Benefits of Aromatherapy Massages with Essential

Aromatherapy is a unique type of therapy that uses scented essential oils during a massage. The massage will incorporate harder and softer pressure while applying different blends of essential oils. It’s important to note that essential oils must be diluted before they are used in this way and applied with lotion during the massage process. 

Your body benefits as the essential oils come in contact with it, but the oils also offer healing properties when they are inhaled. There are some massage therapists, such as D. Gary Young, who encourage clients to inhale the oils being used through a diffuser during the massage.   

Benefits Offered by Aromatherapy 

With an aromatherapy massage, you receive a full body massage. However, this method of massage also offers relaxation and emotional healing. The benefits offered by this type of massage are vast. Some of the biggest you will experience include reduced stress, anxiety relief, pain relief, increased calmness, reduced muscle tension, and reduced discomfort from chronic medical conditions. 

Learning More About Aromatherapy  

As you can see from the list of benefits above, aromatherapy offers quite a bit. While you may know this, essential oils provide many healing benefits. It’s up to you to speak to your massage therapist to figure out what oils should be used. For example, if you have issues sleeping or if you need to relax, using lavender may be best. However, if you are dealing with emotional stress, using rose or rosemary may be best. Get to know more about the healing properties of using essential oils during a massage here. 

Muscle Tone 

Many people are looking for help with bodywork and muscle tone. For this, using essential oils like Balsam Firm and Marjoram can help. White fir and lemongrass are also beneficial, as these help reduce inflammation and improve muscle tone. To reduce scar tissue and acute muscle and bone pain, try helichrysum. 

Joint Pain 

Joint strain and pain are common problems for those who engage in more physical activity, regardless of if it is for work or fun. Joint issues may also occur in older individuals. If you want to find relief from joint pain, essential oils can be beneficial. For example, wintergreen is a common oil that will help to release tension in your joints. Birch is more expensive, but it has the same types of healing properties. 

Connective Tissue 

Your connective tissue is what connects and binds the different parts of your body together. In some cases, you may run into problems with connective tissues. This can be caused by chronic conditions or a sudden appearance of symptoms. You must take time to make sure your connective tissue heals properly. An essential oil that is commonly used for ligament pain is lemongrass. Another option is German chamomile, which can help improve connective tissue problems. 

How Aromatherapy Works 

Aromatherapy is similar to any other type of massage. Once you schedule an appointment with your therapist of choice, you can tell them about any issues you want to have worked on. After that, your therapist can let you know the type of condition you have or the specific oils you want to try. At this point, the therapist will provide you with your options. 

If you don’t want the massage to heal joints, muscles, or nerves, you can ask for something general. This may include a decongesting, relaxing, uplifting, or energizing massage. After the right oils are selected, your practitioner will give you some time to un-robe and get situated. This is when the massage and essential oil experience will start. 

When it comes to aromatherapy massages, there are several factors to keep in mind. Finding the right service provider is important, so be sure you do your research. This will help ensure you have the experience that you want and expect and that your experience is a positive one, regardless of what you are trying to achieve. 

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  1. If you don’t want the massage to heal joints, muscles, or nerves, you can ask for something general. This may include a decongesting, relaxing, uplifting, or energizing massage.

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