Ways To Help Muscles Recover After Strenuous Workout Exercises

Physical fitness has been one of the most important parts of our routine. Some people even go beyond those regular exercises and choose those more strenuous workouts. This is their way to lose more weight and quickly build muscle mass.

The art of fitness is also made possible with a wide range of protein-rich food options. You can get it from meat and you can check out this page for more details. Others choose vegan alternatives and find protein shake from plants as a great booster.  

Sounds easy, right?

Eating those healthy meals are exciting but after each workout session, the struggle is real. You will surely experience extreme muscle pain. If you’re looking for the best way to help your muscles recover, then spa massage is the perfect solution!

Here are the best spa and wellness options for you:

Hot Bath Therapy

A hot bath has the ability to hold an invigorating temperature. If you are someone who won’t enjoy a full body massage, this one is a great alternative. Hydrotherapy will help your muscles relax as it soothes the pain. Water treatments like this do not only help people with injuries but also aid individuals with anxiety. 

To get the most benefits out of a hot bath, choose the perfect temperature and don’t stay for too long. A 10 to 20 minutes post-workout hot bath is already enough to ease those cramps. Since the human body is irritated by cold, you might also need to consider having a warm atmosphere to experience full relaxation.

Swedish Massage

This is the most common type of massage you can see in gyms, spas, massage centers, and other wellness establishments. The massage therapists will use lotion or essential oil and begin with basic strokes. Then, it slowly transitions to certain strokes that aid specific areas where there is extreme pain. 

First, a client will feel those long and smooth strokes. A kneading, rolling, and lifting pressure is necessary to tear down those muscle strains. Afterward, a small circular massage will follow. A rocking and shaking motion is then applied to end those vein stiffness. Swedish massage offers full-body relaxation.

Hot Stone Massage

Literally speaking, this method uses heated stones. Once the stone achieves the perfect temperature, the massage therapist will place warm stones on the affected body points. The stones used are usually a volcanic rock which can retain heat very well. 

As the heat relaxes the muscles, the therapist will gently massage the area using the smooth stones. The process is then repeated multiple times. You can quickly notice how fast this therapy can reduce muscle tensions. In case you have cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or hypertension, it’s advisable to consult your physician before doing any treatment.

Aromatherapy Massage

It’s no secret. Scents have a magical connection with revitalization. An aromatherapy massage is simply a Swedish massage with essential oils added to massage oils. Why is this beneficial and too relaxing?

Essential oil is different from fragrance oil. Essential oils directly came from nature, that’s why they’re quite expensive. No extenders, all pure. It is a natural product carefully extracted from plants. But not all plants have essential oils. Those with aromatic properties are the only ones extracted. It aims to positively affect your consciousness and help relieve stress, muscle pain, and even emotional pain. There are other great spa products you can combine with almost any massage therapy. Find which ones work best for you.


This must be done a few days after strenuous exercises to avoid dehydration. A sauna is designed to invigorate the human body. Inside this therapeutic system, the blood vessels relax and dilate. This helps the blood flow to increase, reduces sore muscles, and relieves tension in joints. A weekly session in a month might be necessary for you to experience its benefits.

See your body like a fragile eggshell, not a nutshell. It needs full body treatment once in a while. A simple pain can quickly turn into chronic pain if not properly treated. Let your body rejuvenate and let those pains subside before continuing your extensive physical routine. Be mindful that prevention is always better than cure.

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